There is my Country.

It is a dark time in the Thirteen Colonies. Although the French & Indian War has ended, British troops are amassing in unprecedented numbers across the land; and the colonial leaders chafe under the yoke of British Rule, as the Empire strives to recover grave losses after the seven-year-long conflict.

Talk of open rebellion abounds, and tensions run high. Can a small band of militia-turned-soldier-spies help turn the tide of war? Will they even survive the journey through open rebellion in the face of the most advanced military force on the planet since Rome?


Where Liberty Dwells is a Genesys Roleplaying Game Campaign set in the American Colonies in the late 18th Century. The Players will take on the roles of Colonists turn soldiers, recruited by the Commander in Chief to carry out dangerous missions in every theater of the War of American Independence. They will witness, participate in, and help shape the birth of a new nation.

Where Liberty Dwells

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